When people don't like you
December 22, 2020
2 Mins read

When People don’t like you

“people will judge you but you have to move forward.”


It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, there are people that wouldn’t like you or your work, they just don’t. It’s normal in life. Some people don’t just connect and that is fine. You do not have to be enemies with people that oppose you.

Everyone makes mistakes and as we grow, we regret some of the things we did in the pst and improve on some of the things we are doing now as we gain more insight about life.

We learn every day. Do not hide yourself or your talents from the world simply because you feel people will not like it. Someone told me my writings were crab and that I should write about trending news and so on but I know many other people that have reached out to me thanking me for my words.

It’s alright if some people don’t like you

Even if it is just one person I am able to reach with my words and their lives improve, my goal has been archived. Sometimes it may take longer for someone to notice your work but do not stop just because there was no immediate response.

Slow and steady, patience and consistency, improving yourself and your gifts will make room for you before kings (Proverbs 22:29). Do not stop and do not give up.

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Quote Reference: https://optimistminds.com/

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