Stay in your own lane
March 16, 2021
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Stay in your own lane

“Everyone Has Their Own Lane, Stay In Your Own Lane, If You Follow Someone In Their Lane U will Be Taken For A Ride, Stay Focused And Be Patient”

Gerald Mcankrah

Many times, life takes its toll on us and we begin to wonder if ‘this’ is really how we are going to continue and ultimately how we will end.

Every angle we try to look at the future from doesn’t relay a positive outcome. We just can’t see it, everywhere is just dark.

Many of us do not like uncertainty and the unknown. We prefer to have a glimpse or an idea as to where we are going and how to get there.

We have worked our lives out but have little to show for it. Many of us have qualifications but things just don’t seem to go our way.

Pressure mounts when we see our peers succeeding fast and leaving us behind. It pushes us to want to hurry up and make our own statement in life.

Stay in your own lane

Do not forget that your ideas are solid but need time to grow and mature. Take away the toxic competition you are imposing on your dreams and stay on your lane.

It is true that some people have gone ahead but you are coming. Learn to recognize your helpers as no one can succeed without help.

Do not hide your ideas so much that you deny your helper the opportunity to key into them and making them a reality.

Humble yourself and accept all the help you can get. Open your hands so someone can hold you and lift you up. Your beginning may have been shaky but do not be distracted, hold on and finish strong.

Stay in your own lane

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