On living in the future
August 9, 2021
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On Living in the future

Words of Comfort and Encouragement on Living in the Future

“At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening.”


Thinking about the future is good and making plans and working towards making the future brighter is wisdom. But do not do so at the expense of living in the present.

Many people have lost their present pursuing an illusion. They became consumed and lost touch with loved ones, partners, and even their kids.

Securing the future requires sacrifices but a balance must be maintained if not, you may gain something good but lose something far more precious.

Many have died because of sheer exhaustion; others lost their families and even themselves in the process.

 Living in the future: The Balance

Life can overwhelm us but we should not forget that we have some control over our lives and should make the best use of the opportunities we have to live in the present; visit that friend, go on that boat ride, give love a chance, take the family out, go on that vacation and so on. Do not push everything to the future because you do not own time. You are here now so, cherish it.

Find a balance between work and rest, you can always pick up again later. A lot of people are miserable today because of anxiety, always jumpy and worrying about things they aren’t even sure will happen.

Do not live your life completely taken over by future concerns because you will wake up one day and find out that life has passed you by.

Words of comfort and encouragement on living in the future

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