Be courageous, your voice matters
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October 20, 2020
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Be Courageous Your Voice Matter

Be courageous, your voice matter. Yes! Your voice matters. You see so much wrong in the community and nation but you keep quiet.

You see your brother doing wrong or driving himself into a ditch with bad decisions and keep quiet. And you see someone struggling trying to make a life for themselves and you have words to help but decide to keep quiet.

You look down on yourself feeling your voice does not matter. You are like “I am nobody, people won’t listen, why should they even listen to me?” But deep inside you know you have solutions to some issues in society.

Your voice matter

Your voice matter. Do not give in to that voice in your head saying you don’t have anything and can’t offer anything. Give your voice a chance. There is so much that can change in the world if you will let your voice out there.

Do not be afraid of sharing your ideas as they can change the world and do not also look down on yourself. Do not hide your voices because it matters as the world is looking and in need of the solutions only have. Be courageous your voice matter.

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Be courageous your voice matter

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