You are responsible for your actions
October 27, 2020
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You are responsible for your actions

You are responsible for your actions

“Human responsibility cannot be avoided. Neither the word nor God owes us a living.”

You are responsible for your actions. The decision on how you live your life is up to you. People may advise you but it ultimately comes down to you to decide how you move.

Even though some decisions were made on your behalf when you were younger, a time comes that you have to step in and take the wheels of your life. No one owes you anything. You make your own living.

Take responsiblilty for your life

Your choices, your company of friends, your struggles, your knowledge and so on all play vital roles in how you turn out. Do not expect pity from men. Do not live your life as a beggar. Take charge of your life. Control yourself, grow, and be content with what you have.

You are not competing with anyone. If you live your life to impress people, you will fail. Live within your means and do not be a burden to anyone.

Set realistic goals for yourself and be proud and confident in your abilities.

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You are responsible for your actions

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