Stop lying to yourself
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January 6, 2020
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Stop Lying to yourself

Stop lying to yourself

“It takes strength and courage to admit the truth.”

Rick Riordan

Life can be so tough that many people just turn off and pretend to be another person just to escape reality and have some peace of mind.

They are just too tired of their lives. You may be tempted to say “that’s stupid, why would someone do that” but if you will be honest and really look at some people’s condition, you will think twice.

Life is very tough if not handled carefully can make things slip away from you fast. People have lost all their life’s work, savings, and possessions in minutes. There are many other reasons that make men choose to live a lie.


Yes, everything has failed but you are alive and that is a good thing. Misfortunes can be turned and used as tools to build once more. These things can happen to anybody. You may say “Samuel, you don’t get it, my life is over”

Yes, you may be right; there are things that only those experiencing it understand. Truth! Is that which can set you free. You have lost everything so; you don’t have anything to lose by choosing to be yourself once again.

Stop pretending and pull yourself together, acknowledge your weakness, and begin to take small steps again in the direction of your dream. You can make it. Don’t give up yet.

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Stop lying to yourself

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