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June 12, 2019
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Words of Comfort to the Crying Heart

Words of Comfort to the Crying Heart

(Written By John)

My body needs laughter as much as it needs tears. Both are cleansers of stress.

Mahogany SilverRain

“So you want to cry?” said My Dad, you think crying will solve this? Ok, go ahead and cry and let’s see where that leads you. So many of us have been told from a young age that crying is for the weak and does not actually help anyone. We were taught to man up or woman up and soak it. That strong people don’t break down.

But the truth (at least for me) is that the more we hold back tears, the more burdened up we feel. When my first relationship crumbled, I bottled everything up and acted like a big boy avoiding any thought of it, and tried moving on.

Six months later I was hospitalized from sheer emotional exhaustion and had to have that long-delayed cry. When I love, I love with all in me that’s why the heartbreaks haven’t been funny. But should I stop loving? No way man. Lol. WHAT’S LIFE WITHOUT THE UPS AND DOWNS?


Yours may be betrayal, failed business, failed exams, loss of a loved one, sickness, and so on. For me, crying helps me let go of my burdens, I talk when I cry asking questions.

I blame myself for the part I did wrong and blame others for the part and pick lessons for the future. I make resolutions as I cry.

There is no time limit for crying.  Don’t feel ashamed when you feel the tears coming, have a good cry, ease your tension, make decisions, and move on with your life. Weeping may last for some time but joy will come again.

Words of Comfort and encouragement to those Crying

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Words of Comfort to the Crying Heart

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