On friends and your future
March 18, 2020
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On Friends and your Future

On Friends and your Future

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

Moosa Rahat

The people you spend a lot of your time with play an important role in what shapes your ideas and how you live your life.

If you spend your time with people who are not positive and success-oriented, people who are indifferent, neutral and even indecisive when important decisions are to be made, then there is a tendency you will not do well and that can hinder your progress.

Take Charge of your Future

The decisions and actions you take today will serve as building blocks for where you will be tomorrow.

Pushing people away and trying to do it all on your own may not be your best line of action because we need men if we are to archive worthy goals in life. Choose carefully people that can help and those you can also lift.

You are responsible for your life. So, take charge. Put yourself in the position possible. Do not settle for less than you are capable of becoming.

Try as many times as possible making corrections from the failures that may come as you make progress. Enjoy the gift of people you have around you and appreciate them.

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Quote Reference: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/7655885-show-me-your-friends-and-i-ll-show-you-your-future

On Friends and your Future

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