On Living Life Trying to Please People
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June 12, 2019
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On Living Life Trying to Please People

On Living Life Trying to Please People

“Never let your circumstances drive you into spending your energy trying to impress people who you believe would judge you for every single thing that you do. Moreover, why should you waste your energy and time on people who are not willing to let you be your true self?” 
Edmond Mbiaka

Life has become a serious competition. We compete with ourselves internally and with others externally. People no longer do things for their own pleasure and satisfaction but rather, they do it to get attention, to get noticed, to get comments, praise, and so on.

The applause of men is what they live for, to just feel important in other people’s eyes. Even at the detriment of their health, they don’t stop. So far Mr. A is making progress, I will not sleep, I must catch up with him.

So many people have wasted their lives, entered into unnecessary trouble, and ruined the homes, and even committed crimes just so they can rise above others.

Living Your Life for the Right Reasons

You have to stop and reevaluate your life. You have to stop caring too much about what people do. Ask yourself “is this really necessary? At what cost?.

You have to mind your own business and seek purpose, things that will really benefit you. Fill your mind with sound values and stop harming yourself by giving yourself unrealistic goals.

You have one life, don’t waste it. Some people will still never be impressed by you no matter what you do. Be with your family, your children, your friends, and above all, enjoy yourself.

On living life trying to please people

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On Living Life Trying to Please People

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