when you lost a loved one
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June 12, 2019
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When you lose a loved one

When you lost a loved one

“The light has gone out of my life”

Teddy Roosevelt

Losing a loved one can turn us off. It can become the hardest challenge we will ever face. The confusion, pain, long periods of sadness, or depression.

When someone tries to console us, we just feel they don’t understand. It is very difficult to accept that someone is just gone from our lives.

Many people have different ways of dealing with loss and therefore, there is no date or set duration for mourning. It can take a month for one person and year for another.

Grieving is Ok

Accepting what happened, talking about it with close relatives, taking care of yourself and your family, reaching out to others can go a long way in helping us to cope and move on.

Moving on doesn’t mean we would forget the person. A part of them will always be with us and we should feel not feel guilty of treasuring and celebrating those memories.

It’s alright to be afraid, anxious and uncertain for a while but they too will pass and good times will come again and we will smile once more

Words of Comfort to those who Lost their Loved Ones

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Quote Reference: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/the-light-has-gone-out-of-my-life

When you lost a loved one

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