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June 12, 2019
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Words of Comfort and Encouragement to the Bitter

Words of Comfort and Encouragement to the Bitter

“The worst thing in life is not to die but to live with bitterness.”

Vitor Belfort

Sometimes we try very hard to make something good with our lives. We take all the risk, pay prices but things still don’t work out to our advantage. It makes us resist life and bitterness comes in. So many people resent their lives because of what they have been through.

They feel as if everything in life was designed to be against them. Life is not just sweet. Bitterness can be directed at anything, an idea, a person, and even an object.

Fight the Bitterness

The truth is life is sometimes just unfair, we wish all the good things for our selves but only bad things come. We just try to push the blame at anything or anyone we see.

Life is a mixture of ups and downs, peaks, and valleys. Do not be afraid or ashamed to reach out for help. Sometimes we can’t just do something on our own, that’s why family and friends are there.

Words of Comfort and Encouragement to the Bitter.]

Watch out for on hustle and hard work  coming up Next

Quote Reference: https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/bitterness

Words of Comfort and Encouragement to the Bitter

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