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June 12, 2019
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Words of Comfort and Encouragement to those who were Raped

Comfort and Encouragement to Rape Women

“The truth of it is, the shame was not mine, and for all victims in similar situations, it is not ours. The shame is reserved for every creep who has ever touched us inappropriately. The shame is on the abuser, not the victim, not the survivor. It is tragic that so many of us have to survive this kind of crap, and I’m so sorry if it has happened to you.”

Rose McGowan, Brave

This is a very sensitive piece. I write it with a heavy heart. Rape hurts, Rape kills, Rape has destroyed many lives and relationships. We must not downplay this menace to society. We must not shy away from this reality just because it has not happened to someone close to us.

So many people, on hearing about a person who was raped, begin immediately to look for something negative in the victim, her dressing, where it took place, and so on. Why was it you that was raped? They ask.

Many women choose silence when it happens to them because of society and the fact that people cannot keep their mouth shut when entrusted with a secret.

A rapist knows what he is doing. He can choose to stop but didn’t (no sane man will rape his mother or sister. Nobody was born a rapist), he is evil and society must take the place of the victim and seek justice for them.

To those who are hurting (this also will pass)

You didn’t do anything wrong, even if you went to the wrong place, the rapist had no right, he cannot justify what he did. Don’t blame yourself. You can choose to keep quiet about it if you can get through it on your own.

But if you are finding it difficult, see a counselor or share it with a person you trust who will not pass judgment but will encourage and support you.

Never think you are alone, there are a lot of women out there who have survived and overcome what you are going through, reach out to support groups and you can also read the stories of hope from those who are moving on.

You are strong, courageous, beautiful, and smart. Don’t let this keep you down. Do not give the bastard any benefit by cutting your dreams short and drowning yourself with “why does it have to be me”.

Get up clean yourself up and join the fight to make sure it never happens to others. Speak out if you can. By the time you come out of it all, you will be stronger.

No good man will abandon you because you were raped. If your partner left you, don’t feel bad about it. He is not the one. You have your full life ahead of you.

Words of Comfort and Encouragement to those who were Raped

Watch out for Words of Comfort and Encouragement to those who show Empathy coming up Next

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Comfort and Encouragement to Rape Women

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