On perseverance in Life
January 13, 2021
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On Perseverance in Life

On Perseverance in Life

“It takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert.”

Malcolm Gladwell

We have been told that when we try and try and the thing is still not working out, we should drop it and quickly move on.

Well, there are circumstances and situations for which that idea will serve. An example can be when your car keeps giving you problems persistently. It will probably be a good idea to get another one and move on.

But there are dreams, talents, and longings of our hearts that we can’t just walk away from. We can see it even when everyone else is blind to it. We know deep inside that when we get it, things will fall into place for us.

But perseverance becomes very difficult because of the discouragement, opposition, and the failure after failure we experience on the path to success.

Many people give in and give up somewhere and live the rest of their lives wishing for the things that could have been.

Perseverance is Key

Perseverance is staying on course no matter how tough it gets. Through the pain until we get to the light.

People may not understand what you are up to and will tend to laugh and discourage you but do not give in. that possibility you see in your mind, pursue it and stay the course no matter how long.

Malcolm Gladwell’s words are right as to the sacrifices needed to archive our dreams. Actually, no one can do it alone. There will surely be some people whose experiences will be of great help to you.

Seek knowledge and keep making progress. Persevere till you achieve your dream.

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On perseverance in life

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