Be grateful in life
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July 6, 2020
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Be Grateful in Life

“No matter how hard life can get, go to bed grateful for all you have.”


Be grateful in life. You are alive, you are well, and you are able to eat, sleep, talk, and even walk. You are fortunate because many people are wishing they had these things but they don’t.

Circumstances and situations happen to us all and there are times things just go wrong on every level. We then quickly forget how good things were and start complaining and being ungrateful.

You should remember that things were not always that bad and look forward with a positive mindset that things will change for the better.

Always be grateful. Be empathetic towards those that are going through rough times and be a source of comfort and encouragement to them.

Be grateful and thankful for your life

Instead of blaming yourself or others for your misfortunes, move closer to God, and take refuge in Him. Some of us have been living in pain for years now.

But God’s grace and faithfulness with the support of family and friends has kept us smiling when we should be all broken and hopeless.

Always be grateful in life for what you have and the time you have left. Do your best to move on with life in every situation you find yourself. Live your life and don’t hold back. I pray peace into your situation. Amen

Be grateful in life.

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