On humble beginnings in life
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December 17, 2020
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On Humble Beginnings in Life

“He who tills the land will never be poor.”

A proverb

Do not despise the days of your humble beginnings in life. You may feel you are just making repetitions without progress.

When you try to picture your future, you ask “is that life even possible? I don’t see how what I am doing now can get me there in time.”

We watch those who have succeeded and acquired much and feel discouraged that what we are doing now will not get us there fast enough.

Do not be impatient but understand that everyone’s path is different and time and chances comes to us all.

Humble Beginnings are alright in Life

Keep doing the right things to the best of your ability, sharpening your gifts and talents, and success will await you on the road and bid you welcome.

In fact, from the day you start putting serious and consistent effort in the direction of a worthy pursuit, you are already a successful person.

Do not be deceived with getting rich quick schemes or learn to cut corners to try and make something for yourself. Build a system that will endure and in the long run, you will rejoice and give yourself rest. Trust in God and work as hard as you can. You will not be disappointed.

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On humble beginnings in life

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