On lessons learned in life
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December 17, 2020
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On Lessons Learned in Life

“You learn something new every day if you pay attention.”

Ray LeBlond

There are many life lessons to pick from the events that happen to us every now and then. Some lessons come softly and sweetly by kindness or goodness shown to us (we find ourselves saying “I need to learn this, Wow! It was good that I got this today).

Other lessons may come at us hard in the form of a tragedy, cruelty from others, or just a series of unfortunate events (we feel humiliated or looked down upon and respond with “I will show them” or “I will work and prove them wrong.”)

Vital Life Lessons Learned

How we view the events that happen to us daily determines the lessons we can take away from them. Some of these lessons are so vital to our growth and progress. When someone treats you badly or looks down on you, turn it into motivation rather than grumble and label them wicked.

It may be wickedness on their side but let it be awake up call on your side to work harder, think more, push yourself to make something of your life since no one owes us anything, some people will treat you well while others may be neutral or be hostile towards you.

On Lessons Learned in Life

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