Don't stop, Keep moving
May 24, 2021
2 Mins read

Don’t Stop Keep Moving

“The best career advice I’ve gotten is to stay focused, keep moving forward.”


We all are aiming to get somewhere in life but we cannot get there by standing still. We have to make a move to make progress.

You can have all the brightest ideas in the world, but your ideas cannot materialize if you do not move. You have to take a step; you have to start from somewhere.

The ladder has steps that take you upwards but you can never get to the top without taking little steps climbing. Even when you do it slowly, it’s still better than standing in one spot.

There are many things you may not know at the beginning but as you move forward. You will make mistakes, learn and grow. It’s alright to be afraid at the beginning but do not standstill.

Take Risks and Keep moving

Many people that have found fulfillment in life will acknowledge being fearful many times but they didn’t allow it to hinder their pursuit of happiness.

There may not even be a person heading in the same direction as you but that should not be a discouragement as many people before you have chatted a new path where many are following today.

Pain is part of the process and even though confusion and uncertainty may try to scare you off but do not give in and standstill. Put in the effort and persevere, keep moving for if you stop, you cannot get there.

Don’t stop, keep moving.

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