Turn your life around
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February 25, 2021
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Turn your Life Around

“In the ashes of bitter tragedy, lie the seeds of astonishing rebirth.”

Stewart Stafford

Every morning, we have opportunities to start again and turn our lives around. Take the chance, and do not hold back. Even though there are many things in our past that cannot be changed, that doesn’t mean our future is lost.

Our mistakes play roles in how our lives turn out but so also our opportunities taken and well utilized.

Many people are discouraged because life has been tough and they are struggling. They have allowed their circumstances to weigh them down.

Some are even on the verge of losing all hope. They don’t see a way of getting back on track to achieve their dreams in life. They feel they are way off, too far gone to make anything out of their lives again.

You can do it

Every day, life gives us a fresh start. We have to take it, we have to try, and we have to push. We have to find meaning. God did not put us here on earth to be beaten by it but to have dominion over it.

So, deep inside, you have what it takes to turn your life around. It doesn’t matter your age, circumstances, education, and so on.

You can start taking steps, baby steps in the direction of your dreams once again.

Take your past mistakes and make them stepping stones to greatness. Do not give up on life just yet. There are many before you that have been able to get back on their feet in spite of their situations. You can do it.

Turn you life around

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