The value of silence
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August 17, 2021
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The Value of Silence

The Value of Silence

Silence is a source of Great Strength.

Lao Tzu

It is amazing what you miss when you are always talking. Whenever you leave a conversation with a group, take some time to think a little about who said what and you will be amazed.

There is so much to hear, so much to see, and so much to process when you take a little time to intentionally be silent in a conversation.

You would be surprised at the amount of information you hear in a day. Making contributions in a conversation is good because people can also learn from you. But it is also important to practice silence for a period of time.

You can learn a lot about people and yourself when you silently participate with minimal comments where necessary.

Silence is Valuable

Some of the answers you have been looking for are right before you if only you would quiet down and listen. Take time and get away from people or be by yourself and listen to your own heart speak to you.

There are a lot of answers that your mind has already formulated waiting for you to tap from.

It can be quite difficult to sit still for some time but give it a go and see for yourself. You can begin by being quiet for just a minute and gradually increase the time.

Most times our restlessness comes from worrying over trivial things which look big because our heads are overloaded with too much activity.

Calm down and relax and refresh yourself a bit. You think better when your mind is clear and above all, it’s good for your health.

The value of silence

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