On giving and receiving correction
June 17, 2020
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On Giving and Receiving Correction

On giving and receiving correction

“When receiving correction, the wise seeks to learn and the fool seeks to justify with excuses.”

Kevin Everett FitzMaurice

The ability to take correction in good faith and apply it is a very good thing to have. It’s a quality that is very rare in our world today.

So, many people do not take it well at all when they are corrected. It just fuels the anger in them and sometimes it even leads to hatred.

Sometimes it’s the fault of the person making the correction as some people embarrass others in the name of correction.

They speak at the top of their voices so as to attract the attention of others to see how wrong the other person is and how right they are.

Taking and Giving correction

Any correction done with pride and without empathy may heat up the situation. It leads to negative results as the other person may get defensive and even violent in other to save face. No one likes being made to look like a fool in front of others

Correction done with grace and love has a higher chance of getting through to the person. People love it when treated with respect and are likely to respond positively.

Corrections should always be given privately. We should be mature to accept and thank those who correct us because there are people who are happy with us making blunders and would never correct us cause they want our downfall.

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On giving and receiving correction

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