hustling and hard work
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June 12, 2019
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On Hustle and Hard Work

On Hustle and Hard Work

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”


Time and chance happen to all men. How and when that happens, we may not know. But we have to position ourselves by preparing for it. We must do our best to get information and connect with other people by building a network of social circles.

We must study to know our strengths and work on developing them to the best of our ability. Then we put our ears to the ground and wait, for everyone will have their chance.

Work Hard with intelligence

Rushing has never helped anyone really understand business. The key is not jumping from one thing to another. Make all the necessary preparations and give the business your all.

Don’t quit halfway but if you realize you don’t really understand the business, it’s alright to stop and think again.

The fastest way to succeed on the wrong road is to make a sharp U-turn and find the right way. Remember, your time will come, but you must put yourself in the right position in order to make the best out of the opportunity.

Hustle and Work Hard

The place of hard work cannot be over-emphasized. The hard part of the work should not be something to run away from or avoid because it is part of the process.

Bend down and do it, put in all the hours necessary, and even some more. I am not saying you should just be busy in all directions but that you should work very hard on what really counts.

It will be tough but you will not die. Do not quit halfway when the going is toughest but keep going through the pain, through the setbacks, and through the disappointments.

Stay focused, and minimize your doubts. Keep your eyes on the goal and constantly remain yourself of the benefits in the end. Reward yourself for small victories to serve as an encouragement to keep ongoing.

Do not be distracted by the success of others and abandon your path to follow theirs; jumping up and down, starting and quitting will only lead to physical and emotional exhaustion which will ultimately lead to failure. Believe in yourself and in your ability to deliver.

Make sacrifices where necessary. There will be sleepless nights, living on a tight budget, letting go of some people, friends, partners, employees but do not allow all these to distract you.

Push at it with everything you have got and when you find out you are wrong, have the courage to turn and take the right path.

Let your sacrifices serve as signposts on the road to success. Many people have had overcome great challenges both physically and mentally and walked difficult paths to achieve their dreams.

There is a way for you to do it in spite of your challenges. The genius Malcolm Gladwell once wrote that:

“It takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and materials, like playing the violin or getting as good as Bill Gates at computer programming.”

Malcolm Gladwell

Work smarter, know your limitations and seek help when you need it. There are many people out there skilled in the areas you are weak in, whom you can employ to sort it out for you.

You cannot do everything by yourself and success is not guaranteed just because you spend a lot of time on something. If you do not know how to do it, get someone.

Be involved in it. Hard work can be physical labour or mental work depending on what you are into. Learn what you can about what you are into. Just because you are the head doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know some things.

Working on goals that mean something to you can motivate you to be more involved. The challenges and new skills you pick up can make you grow better as a human being. So, choose your goals carefully.

Diligence at work

Pursue diligence in your work. Work very hard and carefully. Do not be always in a rush to finish quickly but take your time so as to arrive at the best possible result.

Do your due diligence and your research, break your tasks into clear steps so you do not get confused and end up wasting precious time on unimportant things.

Persevere in carrying out your tasks. It will take its toll on your body and mind but keep at it. Learn from your mistakes quickly and avoid the blame game. Be meticulous and conquer your difficulties by putting in the necessary commitment.

The Importance of Rest

Just as hustle and hard work are important, so also is rest an indispensable part of working hard. Resting when working is equally important as doing the work itself. If you keep working without resting, things can go wrong.

You will be more prone to make mistakes.

Your body is at risk of burning out.

You risk your health.

Your memory can be impaired.

You more prone to accidents

You risk sleeping during work

When you deprive yourself of the necessary rest, you will easily begin to lose interest in the work and the motivation to keep on going will eventually diminish. Resting and taking a break allows you the time to sleep and also engage in something else.

These activities in turn ease pressure allow you some time to think and come back refreshed, full of energy with new ideas and perspectives.

There will always be work to do therefore, do not take rest for granted so that you will not end up breaking down and be the cause of your setback.

Words from the Scripture on Hard Work

The bible is always reminding us that the Lord’s eyes are everywhere keeping watch on the wicked and on the good (Proverbs 15:3) and also, the Lord’s eyes are towards the righteous, and His ears attend to their prayers, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil (I Peter 3:12). The Lord loves those who serve him in truth in the work they do.

We are encouraged to not grow weary of doing good but to do our work with all our hearts as unto the Lord for, in due season, we will reap a good harvest if we do not give up.

The Lord detests laziness for he said that “the desire of the sluggard kills him, for his hands refuse to labour” (Proverbs 21:25). Apostle Paul went on to say that “if a man will not work, he shall not eat.” It is an honourable thing to work and earn the food we eat.

There is a powerful statement in Proverbs that “seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” (Proverbs 22:29). It is clear that hard work and diligence are very significant to progress and success.

Pursue excellence in all your work and do not be discouraged when things seem to be getting harder or going opposite to the promises of God. Keep going, holding to the word of God in faith.

Pray without ceasing and continue working faithfully. Do not abandon your work or compromise. Remember, God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. (Roman 8:28)

Make sure you ask for direction from the Lord and work according to his purpose for you. Be faithful and diligently wait on the lord.

Trust in Him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in everything you do submit completely to him and he will show you the path to take.

God bless your hustle, keep the hard work coming.

Watch out for words of encouragement to strengthen the weak coming up Next

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On Hustle and Hard Work

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