Thank God for some unanswered prayers
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February 9, 2021
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Thank God for some unanswered prayers

“Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”


Many of us thank God for some unanswered prayers when we look back. We are like “how foolish I was to ask God for so and so. I did it in ignorance and am glad he didn’t answer.”

As we grow older, we gain more insight and understand that God didn’t answer some of our prayers because he loves us and some of us would I been long dead because we didn’t have the capacity to handle the answers to those prayers.

I have personally prayed for death several times in the hospital when I was in deep pain and completely hopeless but here I am today typing this because God answered those prayers but in his own way.

Thank God for unanswered prayers

Your child can ask you for a gun to play with because he saw it on T.V. You know you can’t meet his request because it will be a danger to him.

God knows you and what is good for you. He knows what you can handle and wants the best for you. He puts certain limitations on your life so you don’t stray from the path.

You may be sick, poor, suffering, depressed, wishing for things, and so on. Remember that somehow through all your troubles, you are still important and God has and is still using you like that to be a blessing to others.

You are alive and able to do some things. Be grateful. Personally, I battle through a lot of pain daily just to get by. Despite all my troubles, I am still able to write and encourage others to stay strong and keep pushing.

We would love to have your own thoughts on this in the comment section. Thanks

Thank God for some unanswered prayers

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