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April 22, 2019
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On Laziness

“Luck is always the last refuge of laziness and incompetence.”

James Cash Penney

Many people often become lazy without realizing it. They create so many excuses as to why things are not working out for them. There have many reasons why they are where they are in life. You hear something like “am not as lucky as Mr. X”.

The truth is so many people are trying to become like Mr. K when actually they have the potential to become far better. They have abilities that when properly developed can make them very successful but they run from such commitments and go for the easy stuff. That’s laziness.

You know you are capable of more. Don’t waste your time on trivial stuff. Work yourself to full capacity, working smarter of course. Your place is at the top. Don’t settle for less.
Get up. Don’t be lazy

Break Yourself Out of the Laziness Circle

I read myself out of poverty, long before I worked myself out of poverty.

Walter Inglis Anderson

Do not expect yourself to be perfect. Also, working hard just by itself is not a good strategy for success. Create and follow a plan to help you work and keep track of your progress. Breaks are good once in a while but get back to work as soon as you can.

You may not have immediate results but that should not discourage you and make you give up and go back to being ideal. Many people have genuine reasons for not being able to do much like having health challenges and so on.

Do not submit to challenges but instead push forward and do the best that you can to not allow your body to win the battle. You must not necessarily go all out at once but you can start somewhere and gradually increase your paste.

Encourage Yourself, Remove Negativity

Do not use words like I am too old, weak, burnt out, dull, foolish, and so on. Negative words will not help you overcome laziness.

Shield yourself from negative words, negative friends, and negative places. Instead, encourage yourself. Always see things in a positive light, create good relationships.

Seek meaning and believe you are capable and strong enough to have visions and pursue your goals. Use your areas of strength to your advantage. Everyone is good at something and you should try to figure out your passions.

Follow your passion and you’ll be successful.

Duane Ludwig

Do not be afraid to ask for help and get partners to help you keep your word. There are times you will need to take risks because that is part of life. You will have to jump into the action and see for yourself rather than cower away and do nothing.

Do not be quick to pass judgment or whether something will work or not but be patient and get as many facts as you can before deciding that something is not worth it. There is nothing to be ashamed of with having to face challenges. Admit the issues and find ways to overcome them.

Organize Yourself

Keep yourself in shape, drag yourself out of bed in the mornings, and do some things to awaking your body for the day. Drink water, do some stretches and engage yourself in some things; start a garden, read, paint, or any other passion you are interested in.

You should organize how your day will be, think of activities and your work for the day and make priorities and order your work. Eat good food to help your health and keep you active, irregular sleep can also cause lazy tendencies. Also, avoid procrastination by thinking about the consequences of not working.

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Watch out for words of encouragement to those struggling to stop lying coming up Next

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On Laziness

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