On understanding difficult things
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September 29, 2020
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On understanding difficult things

On understanding difficult things

“We are not born to fail so never give up. It’s not yet the end of the story.”

There are times in our lives that things do not make sense and everything is just difficult. We try our best to understand the situation but it’s as if we are trying to break hard concrete.

Everything just keeps crumbling. We become desperate, confused, not knowing the situation. We feel it’s bigger than us.

Getting through difficult situations

Challenges come so we can grow. Whenever we are uncomfortable, we are forced to move and begin to think of how to make things better.

Sometimes it takes a long time but eventually, the breakthrough comes. There is no standard formula or one way of dealing with a difficult situation. Being in one is not the end of the world as many people have battled and come out victorious in the end.

What difficulty are you in? Are you tired and feel as to give up? Please cheer up as that is not the end because if you will stay and keep hitting that hard rock, it will eventually break and you will make progress.

Be patient, don’t give up easily. Keep pushing with the understanding that difficulty refines you and makes you better and stronger by the time you get out.

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On understanding difficult things

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