On overnight success
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January 9, 2021
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On Overnight Success

“It takes 10-15 years to become an overnight success.”

Robert Herjavec

Some people just want overnight success. They want to have an idea today and by tomorrow, money will just start flowing to them.

A few people have actually pulled it off but life often doesn’t work out that way. When you apply water to your growing plant, it reaches all the way to the roots and leaves but the water is not visible to the eyes.

The plant eventually grows. Just because your ideas don’t seem to yield immediate results mean that they are not working.

Everything has its time of maturity. The farmer waits patiently and keeps working hard. He knows that sooner or later, the fruits will be ready.

Success is gradual

Do not pressure yourself for quick results by trying to hurry everything up. You may end up spoiling it and come up with unripe (unprofitable results.) It may take long but persevere and be patient.

We often feel bad when it seems as if we are failing in other people’s eyes because we do not have immediate results to show them.

You do not owe anybody an explanation as to why you don’t have this or that. They can mock you all they want but ultimately, the fruits of your labour will appear and you shall get your just reward.

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On overnight success

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