On feeling intimidated
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May 27, 2021
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On Feeling Intimidated

On Feeling Intimidated Words of Comfort and Encouragement

“You are bigger and better than whatever is intimidating, scaring, or hurting you.”


Life situations can sometimes overwhelm you and make you begin to lose confidence in yourself. It makes you look down on your abilities and begin to feel intimidated around certain individuals.

There are people that live for the thrill of stepping down on the less confident.  Your view about yourself is very important. How you carry yourself is very important.

Be confident, and use what you know in the best way possible. Seek improvement as you discover new areas you can grow in.

The person intimidating you at one point in their lives didn’t know what they know now and the use of their knowledge to intimidate doesn’t show wisdom.

Do not be intimidated

He who is wise knows that one can learn from the lowliest of men and the futility of pride and raising one’s shoulder because of statues.

Life can turn and the mighty can fall and the lowly lifted. Even if it doesn’t happen often, the lesson is clear.

Do not look down on yourself or wallow in self-pity because of the harsh words of men but always seek to become the best version of yourself.

People have a way of weighing other people’s worth but don’t let it get into your head. Strive and seek to move forward and upwards, not backward and downloads.

On feeling intimidated words of comfort and encouragement

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