On not being your own worst enemy
May 31, 2020
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On not being your own worst enemy

On not being your own worst enemy

“Everyday is another day to change your life.”


Many people want to be happy, they want to enjoy life, they want friends, love, good jobs and to play roles in making the world a better place.

But they somehow knowingly or unknowingly build walls around themselves. These walls block their success; they prevent people from getting to them. Whenever a good thing is coming their way, these walls block it.

These walls can be hate, bitterness, bad friends, inferiority complex, laziness, bad habits, and so on. The good life is not limited to a few people, we cannot all have the same things or act the same way but that does not mean some people have to be in lack so others can be comfortable as there is enough to go around.

Do not limit yourself

Break down your walls, check your life, and be truthful to yourself. Take steps in the right direction and be open-minded, and not afraid of taking on new challenges. Break down your walls and don’t allow yourself to be imprisoned by them.

On not being your own worst enemy

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Quote Reference: https://www.dailyinspirationalquotes.in/2016/04/every-day-another-chance-change-life/

On not being your own worst enemy

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