On being mature
October 11, 2020
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On Being Mature

On Being Mature

“Most people grow old, but not everybody grows up.”

Nishan Panwar

Every human being has feelings and impulses, we all react to situations differently. If we all should do exactly what our heads tell us to do, this world would be chaotic and uninhabitable. A mature man is not the one who goes ahead and carries out everything his thoughts and body want.

No! He is the one who has mastered his thoughts and knows when to go and act out and when to keep calm. We must learn to control our emotions.

Many people today just act without thinking. They say anything that comes out of their heads without empathy for the other person.

Be More Mature and Responsible

A person might have hurt you and you are mad but there is a mature way of handling situations. To be matured is to be in control of yourself, body, and thoughts. You may sometimes lose control of your head but hold your body.

Many people wish they can turn back the hands of time to unsay some things and undo some actions they took on impulses without thinking straight.

No one knows tomorrow. Do not trample on a person just because you are mad and more powerful than him today. Think about your legacy.

Is it worth the attention you are drawing upon yourself today? Control yourself so it doesn’t count against you tomorrow.

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On being mature

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