On fighting sickness
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August 8, 2021
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On Fighting Sickness

Words of Comfort and Encouragement on Fighting Sickness

Alone, all alone, Nobody, but Nobody can make it out here alone.

Maya Angelou

Being told you are in a critical state and your body is slowly dying by the doctors can be a very difficult thing to handle. First comes the confusion, then the denial, followed by the questions. Why me? What did I do wrong? Why now?

The reality of sickness and death changes a lot of things in a person’s life. Some people immediately give up and somehow hasten the dying process.

For others, they start fighting but the words, pity, and attitude of men towards their situation discourage them and they give in and sink deeper into depression.

The contemplations begin; My children, my wife, my girlfriend, my boyfriend, and so on, what will happen to them when I am gone?

Stay Strong Keep Fighting

It’s quite easy to advise someone to stay strong from the outside but only those who have really experienced such situations understand.

But do not give up on them quickly because you think you are not getting through to them. They may even reject you and distance themselves.

Understand and expect such but stay strong for them and let them know from a distance that it’s ok to be vulnerable and you are there for them.

For me, being very strong and suddenly losing most of my strength to sickness was terrible. I was broken for a while; the limitation, all of one’s future plans slowing becoming impossible and mere illusions. It has been difficult.

When death is staring you in the face, human wisdom fails. But do you give up? No! way, you keep fighting, for life can turn and miracles happen every day.

Stay strong, for no one really knows the day of death. Do all you can to live in the short period you have. Many who were told that 6 months was all they have got are still alive today.

There is much you can do, so much you can contribute to the world. There is so much only you understand because of the situation you are in. You can help strengthen others.

Do not waste your life by giving up early. Keep pushing. Keep fighting.

Words of comfort and encouragement on fighting sickness

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