Depressed in life
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July 2, 2020
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Depressed in Life

Feeling depressed in life

“I am not done with life yet.  It’s too soon to give up”

Samuel Bahago Hosea

Many people are depressed in the world today. Some days are fun and fine but other days are just crazy. The thoughts are just there eating us up.

It’s so bad that our heart literally hurt so much and the tears just refuse to stop flowing. We hear that voice telling us we are a burden to everyone making us want to stay away and be by ourselves even more.

We feel no one understands us. The confusion. We just feel like shouting and even wailing. Everything doesn’t make sense.

Is it the pain, the sickness, or the fact that we are helpless to do anything about it, we just can’t tell. Everything is just blurred. The suffering is just too much.

To the Depressed: Words of Encouragement

Even though everything is crazy, the best we can do is reach out to our loved ones. Even though everything in us is telling us not to do it. Accepting our situation and the fact that on our own, we are helpless, is the first step to coming out of it.

Remember that your head is not clear and you are not thinking straight. But your friend’s heads are clear and they can help. Do not allow that thing to eat you to your death.

You have helped other people out of situations before and it’s your own turn to be helped. Do not be ashamed. You are not the first person to get lost and neither will you be the last.

Feeling depressed in life

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