When people don’t understand you
June 12, 2019
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When People don’t Understand you

When People don’t Understand you

“People may not understand why we do the things we do, they may even insult us at first but our results will speak for us”

Samuel Bahago Hosea

When Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to run a mile under 4 minutes took to the tracks that faithful day in 1954, the men from the sidelines must have thought. “It’s impossible, everyone knows that! He himself knows that! We just don’t see how he can do it.

You see, these people didn’t understand because they didn’t see what he saw, and they didn’t know what he knew. Many people make this same mistake even today; they underrate and discard people too easily.

What to do

You can’t just look at a man and place him in a particular class, and you shouldn’t take for granted THE SIGHT of a man determined to make it.

You may not understand why your son, daughter, brother, sister, or a friend is choosing that direction, that job, that sport. Have faith in them and support them. Even if you think they are making a big mistake, try and tolerate their decision. They may surprise you and you will be proud you stood by them.

When people don't understand you

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When People don’t understand you

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