Encourage yourself not to give up
February 23, 2020
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Encourage Yourself not to give up

Encourage Yourself not to give up

“Stop thinking of yourself as the picked-on girl from the Third and act like the person you are now. Today.” 

Sara Ella

Human strength does not last forever; our time here on earth is not long. Many people just live life as it comes, no plans, no expectations, and no purpose. Happiness is a by-product of a purposeful life that is full of meaningful work.

So many people want a sweet life without any effort, they will not bend down and work but they want success and fame. They are not interested in making sacrifices today in other to ensure a better life tomorrow.

Do not be lazy, do that which you must do with the strength and opportunities you have today for time waits for no one. In a short time, you will lose your strength and regret the things you should have done.

Motivate yourself not to give up

Love all you can, write all you can, work all you can and so on. Do not sit idle and watch life pass you by. Take risks, laugh, cry, play, make friends for in a short while, our time here will be over. Use your fruitful years for the purpose God placed you on earth.

There are distractions everywhere but don’t give into them. You will make mistakes and have failures but find the right path once more and keep going. Live a life you will be proud of.

Encourage Yourself not to give up

Quote Reference: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/don-t-give-up-on-yourself

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Encourage Yourself not to give up

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