Responding to life
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June 23, 2020
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Responding to Life

Responding to life circumstances

“Take charge of your life! The tides do not command the ship. The sailor does.”

Ogwo David Emenike

Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the things happening around us and lose ourselves for a while, we question everything we do and all the decisions we have made that have contributed to us being where we are and in the condition, we are in.

Some of us have been sick for a very long time now and we sometimes wonder how far we would have gone if things were different. Some of us have lost so much in life and all we can do is cry.

It is true that there were some situations that happened to us in the past on which we were powerless to do anything about and there were other situations that happened which we brought on ourselves by our actions and are now reaping the consequences.

Motivate yourself

But shall we continue to pity ourselves and keep drowning in this unending stream of grief? No! we still have our lives ahead of us, we have the opportunity to start again in another way and create new memories.

No matter what you are going through, motivate yourself. Yes! Things may be bad now but will not remain like that when you do something about it.

Be kind to yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. Be grateful to be alive and find some positivity in the situation.

We were not made to live in isolation so, get out there and live. You are not the first human to make a mistake neither will you be the last. Make new friends, find love, find a purpose, and enjoy the rest of your life.

Responding to life circumstances

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Joel Austine
Joel Austine
2 years ago

Thank you, this post was helpful to my personal life

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