On handling criticism from others
September 22, 2020
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On Handling Criticism from Others

On Handling Criticism from Others

“No matter what you do, 20 percent of the people may be against you just because of your personality and style of leadership.”

Finzel Hans

Anyone who is doing something significant or pursuing a worthy ideal should expect criticism from others. Not everyone will be happy for you and not everyone will wish you well.

You don’t really have to do something wrong for you to be criticized. Even when you do right, some people will still look for something to criticize about it.

Does it mean we cannot do wrong? No of course, but if you allow all the talks to get to you, you will be thrown off course.

Dealing with Criticism

Criticism can wake us up, test us, and bring out the maturity in us. There are wolves out there trying to devour us. So, you must tread with caution.

Do not always respond immediately when criticized as you may say something you will regret later in the heat of the moment.

Do not also be quick to take the defensive stand because it may escalate the whole situation on making you look guilty.

Some people just set out against us. It feels like they were born to make our lives hell. Keep developing yourself.  Make corrections where necessary.

Forgive, and also ask forgiveness when you do wrong. Let your life, work, and achievements speak for you. Do not give them joy by quitting. Keep fighting.

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On handling criticism from others

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