You can get someone to help
October 17, 2020
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You can get someone to help

Get someones help

“Part of being a person is about helping others.”

Regis Murayi

I woke up from sleep and heard struggling noises down on the ground floor. I sheepishly looked down my window and saw a big dog stuck in the mud

Then I said to myself “that dog is big, it will get itself out” and sat down on my chair trying to gather myself together. But the struggling continued.

This time I jumped to my feet because I could hear sounds of serious distress coming from the dog. I am afraid of dogs you see, even puppies. But empathy set in and I watched it for a while as it would almost get out, but then fall back in.

You are the channel

I started praying in my heart “O God help it out and began speaking to the dog saying “you can do it come on”. It struggled to no avail.

Only then did it dawn on me that help has already come and that help was me. I quickly opened the door ran downstairs and stood by the road looking for someone to help.

I was afraid to go near it as I didn’t know whether it would be violent or calm in that desperate situation. A young lady was passing by and I beckoned upon her for help.

She boldly went and lifted the dog out of the mud. The dog was so tired it just accepted her help without a struggle.

Tears started rolling down my chicks as I remembered how many people watch others struggle daily without doing anything about it. They feel they are powerless to help even if they wanted to.

The lesson: you can get someone to help

The lesson is that you can be the source to get help not necessarily the help itself. You are the channel that will beckon on someone who can help to come.

Please do not stand by and do nothing when you see another human being suffering just because you are not strong enough. Get help for that person.

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Get someones help

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