On changes in life
February 6, 2021
2 Mins read

On Changes in Life

Life is about moving on, accepting changes, and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete.


Changes are constant in life. No matter how you try to stay the same, it’s not just possible. Words, situations, and circumstances will cause changes in you without your consent. You may not even realize you are changing until someone points it out to you.

The people who are most precious to you are changing also and you will have to come to terms with that and find a way to continue connecting with the new you and the new them.

I have heard people say “why did he have to change, why doesn’t she just go back and being her old self that I use to love?”

Be aware of major life changes

Some people change for the better while other change for the worst. No change is permanent in this life. So, do not deceive yourself by saying “I can’t change or work on certain areas of my life.”

The things you do, the places you go to and the people you associate with have great influence in determining the changes and direction of your life.

Be conscious and take control of your life rather than live in denial, be aware and get to work quickly.

Help your loved ones as they grow and lovingly correct them, bearing and being patient with great understanding. We need one another and no one can survive in isolation. Do not refuse correction. Be more open-minded. It is well

On changes in life

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