Be part of the solution
February 10, 2021
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Be part of the Solution

“ If you’re not apart of the solution, you’re apart of the problem.”

African Proverb

Be part of the solution

Be a solution for a better world. We are all hurting, the world is hurting. So many people have lost their lives. We have people blaming the leaders and the leaders blaming the people.

It’s easy to solve the problems of humanity with word of mouth as there are many suggestions as to how things are supposed to be.

You hear people say “if we can change this and that, all will be well for all of us.” Words are easy to speak but actions are hard to do.

A few people cannot solve the world’s problems. It will take all of us, each person doing their part in their little way, contributing to the progress of us all.

Be a Solution for a Better World in your own Way

We cannot fold our hands to the little problems we see around us. We see neighbours hurting and we fold our hands claiming we are minding our business.

Yes, you may not be the president, prime minister, governor, the mayor, and so on but you can help heal the world in your little sphere of influence.

There are many people out there that can benefit from the little you have to share. Do not look down on yourself. There is great comfort in knowing you are not alone in your hurt and someone cares.

People do not need to speak out before you can help. Anywhere you see an opportunity to better someone, take it, you must not make yourself known by helping from a distant anonymously.

When someone offers help to you, appreciate it and feel inferior and discourage the giver. You can pass it on to someone else in need if you do not want it for yourself.

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Be part of the solution

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